Pickled Damsons anyone?

In a year that has presented us with a lot of challenges, one positive is that nature has been abundant. The hedgerows have provided us with so much fresh produce to bolster our vitamin c levels. We have had masses of damsons, but boy oh boy, stoning damsons is .

Craving Vegetables!

I don’t know if it is the copious amount of salads that I have been eating recently but I had a craving for vegetables the other day.  Possibly because the sunshine disappeared and rain arrived. I have a particular favourite recipe which is so versatile and tasty and thought .

Recipe ideas for Home-start

Ideas for Homestart. Well these are challenging times, that is for sure.  I am still working at Myrtle’s Kitchen and with my neighbour at the kitchen, Emily of Cavallo Lusso. We are baking and delivering pastries in the area and it is keeping us pretty busy! It has .
Gift Box Jars

Myrtle’s Kitchen Gift Box

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoared gold, it would be a merrier world”.   JRR Tolkein These are challenging times and it could be said that we are all having to “think outside of the box”. So many small businesses and self-employed friends are .
Myrtle Labels

Myrtle on the Tiles

MYRTLE out on the tiles! This is a really exciting time of year at Myrtle’s Kitchen! After much testing and tasting, we are due to add another couple of great new products to our range and are just coming to the end of the design process for our labels. .

Happy 2020

Happy 2020! I’m not too sure where this year has gone to. If anybody has the answer please let me know. It has been an exciting year, balancing foody events with an awful lot of cooking. A few highlights to share: Firstly, the launch of our new products, the .
Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

I hope that you are enjoying the festivities for the Christmas Countdown. A busy time of year for us at Myrtle’s, making sure that the shelves are full in the wonderful Deli’s and farm shops that we supply. Lots of events to attend and these finish for us this .
Myrtle Kitchen Logo Open Day

We’re having an Open Day!

1st November 2019 We are thrilled to be holding an open day on the 1st November. Our next door neighbours, CL Country, opened their shop doors this summer and we’ve decided to hold a joint open day together. We will have a lovely selection of jams and chutneys for .