New Myrtle’s 3 for £10 Pastries

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For the last few months we have been trialling pastries which were going to be launched at the festivals this year. We’re going to be delivering these delicious creations to our local area.


Myrtle’s Kitchen new range of pastries have proved to be so popular.  We are thrilled with the response and thank you for the amazing reviews and photographs posted.   We continue with a monthly local home delivery service so that you are able to restock your fridges and freezers.

Thanks so much for your support during these extraordinary times. It really has been so appreciated.


Our next home delivery run will be on the Thursday 1st October to:

  • Bromyard & Area
  • Hereford  & Lugwardine, Bartestree, Withington areas
  • Ledbury and area
  • Leominster & area

To all of you pasty fans further afield, we apologise.  We are not able to dispatch our pastries by courier but we do hope to be able to serve you pastries in the future.

Choose three from the following selection & note your choices in the comments box:

  1. Ham, Brie & Chuckleberry Pastry
  2. Gourmet Sausage Roll
  3. Worcester Warrior Pastry (Vegetarian)
  4. Herefordshire Beef Pastry
  5. Myrtle’s Picnic Cheese & Onion Pastry (Vegetarian)
  6. Rhubarb and Custard with ginger nut topping.
  • New this month, is our Myrtle Mosa Bag.  Price – £10.00 for a bag of three Myrtle Mosas!

(We are working on the name).  Three savoury pastries (Vegetarian), filled with a lentil dahl and Samosa Mix with a pot of Myrtle’s Mango Chutney and Natural Yogurt for £10.00

Apologies for the confusion, we are working on our website to make things clearer, but this will be a one complete choice of three pastries for £10.00

Please add your three choices (or more if you order them) to the comments, add the 2 to the basket to receive 6 pastries and so on.  We recommend them for freezing  (except for the Rhubarb and Custard)- we have tried them all!  If you are unsure which to select, there are some recommendations from customers in the reviews.

In the comments box (at checkout) place your choices for pastries. Details are below:

Your pastries will be individually packaged.

Delivery charge is £1.50

If you want to add jars of marmalade, jam or chutney to your purchase, that would be great. To receive NO CHARGE for postage/delivery on these jars, add voucher code: “local”.  This is not the code for purchase of pastries.

Proceed to checkout and pay. Sorry – no cash transactions, for reasons of hygiene

We will be starting to take the pastries to local Farmers’ Markets.

We will be at Malvern Farmers’ Market on 17th October, 2020  . Keep your eye on our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.  If you want to secure an order to collect email us on  We have sold out every month, so we do recommend this.


Cut off for orders for this delivery run:  Midnight Monday 28th September.

Your order will be acknowledged by email and your delivery will be made on Thursday 1st October.   If you are tricky to find, please add details to help us in the comments box, along with any special instructions where to leave them.

Sorry we will not be able to stop for a chat at the door. We will ring/knock on the door and your delivery will be left outside unless other instructions are received.

Thank you for supporting us and we hope you enjoy your pastries!


We have a total of 6 pastries and you can choose any three from these.



Puff Pastry (wheat and egg) Ham, Cheese:  Brie (dairy), Chuckleberry Jam (Chuckleberries and sugar)


  1. “  NEW – GOURMET SAUSAGE ROLL & a  condiment of Auntie Betty’s Chutney

Puff Pastry (Wheat & Egg)  Free range pork sausage meat, sun dried tomatoes, onion, sage, parsley, Onion seeds


  1. “Worcester Warrior“

Worcester Warrior Pastry: Puff Pastry (Wheat & Egg) Stilton Cheese (Dairy) Potato, Worcester Warrior chutney Onion, Apple, Brown Sugar, Malt BARLEY Vinegar, Raisins, Chilli Garlic, Salt, Ground Ginger, MUSTARD, Paprika.



4, Slow Cooked Herefordshire Beef

Herefordshire slow roasted Beef  pasty.  A runaway hit.    Beef, Puff Pastry (WHEAT) (BUTTER/ DAIRY) Onions, Carrots, Potatoes, Red Wine, Beef Stock (CELERY), Tomatoes EGGS MILK, Myrtle’s Gardeners Chutney: Tomatoes, Apples, MALT BARLEY VINEGAR sugar, raisins, nettles, salt allspice, cinnamon, ginger paprika.

Sorry there is no horseradish sauce with this pastry.


6.  NEW:  Myrtle’s Cheese & Onion Picnic Pastry

Brand new, a traditional cheese & onion pastry with a Myrtle twist (of course); our Herefordshire Hedgerow Chutney

Ingredients:  Puff Pastry (WHEAT BUTTER) EGG.  CHEESE (DAIRY) Potato, Onion, MUSTARD Salt and Pepper.

Pears (29%), Apples, Brown Sugar, Malt BARLEY Vinegar, Raisins, Sultanas, Blackberries, Salt, NUTMEG, Cayenne.


7.  New Rhubarb and custard pastry with gingernut topping  details to follow.


8.  Myrtle Mosa Meal Ingredients to be posted.

ALLERGENS ARE IN BOLD / if you have any questions or queries about ingredients email us on








8 reviews for New Myrtle’s 3 for £10 Pastries

  1. Ian Watson (verified owner)

    A clear taste winner for me; Pepper, Goats Cheese & Chilli Jam Pithivier. The sweetness of roasted red pepper & slight tartness of the goats cheese, marry wonderfully with zingy sweet chilli jam; to produce a fabulous eating experience. Pastry is light & crispy, not too thick. Buy & try these for yourself, whichever filling you choose; you will not be disappointed. Pear, Chocolate & Orange to follow for dessert. Enjoy everybody.

  2. Albert Baker (verified owner)

    Delivery received at 14.30 – all 3 pasties gone by 17.00!!! We had the Worcester warrior, chilli jam and Hereford beef pasties. Beautiful pastry, delicious fillings and good sizes. Regretting not getting more – Choosing our next order right now!

  3. jan Whitehouse

    Hereford beef ones delivered at 1.20 – all eaten by 5pm. Absolutely delicious! Cant wait for next Thursday to try the ham and chuckleberry one.

  4. Caroline Murphy (verified owner)

    Utterly delicious. The combination of brie, ham and chuckleberry is inspired and the beef past is so tender and full of flavour. Chocolate pithivier makes a wonderful complementary pudding.

  5. Grace (verified owner)

    In all honesty it’s tricky to narrow down a favourite as Jane keeps adding to the pastry ‘family’ & new favourites creep in. If pushed I would plump for the Chilli which is a marvellous marriage of contrasts & the Ham, Brie & Chuckleberry. Proper home cooked ham, melting Brie & the strangely tart yet sweet chuckleberry. The pastry itself is the best I’ve tasted.

  6. Kate Minto (verified owner)

    I love Myrtle’s kitchen since the first day five years ago that I sampled the heavenly mango chutney that
    transformed me from mango chutney disliker to mango chutney lover! I look for it at every food fair and farm food shop.

    So I was really looking forward to trying the pastries when I read about them. They didn’t let me down! They are the best thing that has happened during lockdown. They are little pockets of pure happiness.

    I could eat them all over and over. I think Worcester Warrior may be my favourite pastry just because the flavours work so well together and the Stilton is so creamy and subtle.

    However, I tried the coronation chicken today and I honestly groaned with delight. It was amazing! I didn’t want to eat it all but couldn’t stop. The chicken was well cooked, the sauce itself was full of flavour. It was just pure heaven to eat.

    Each time I order something from Myrtle’s kitchen I fall in love with them a teeny bit more.

    P.s. the chuckleberry jam and orange and whisky marmalade are also scrumptious and you can’t beat either one on a slice of freshly baked bread.

  7. Sue Allen (verified owner)

    Gourmet sausage roll- absolutely winner! Nothing like a ‘bog standard’ sausage roll- a total league of their own. The meat is tasty and the pastry spot on. Larger than expected too. Cannot recommend enough. Give them a go, you won’t be disappointed (we have to order 3 each time to prevent withdrawal in our household now)

  8. Angela Dyer (verified owner)

    We have been buying these pastries weekly since April & always eating them hot. Last week we went for a day’s scything at Bromfield Churchyard and took previously frozen Ham brie & chuckleberry pasties. Different cold but absolutely excellent. Many thanks

    • admin

      Thank you so much for the kind words Angela, you have been so supportive during these challenging times. We do appreciate it! Stay safe Jane x

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