Myrtle’s Kitchen Gift Box

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoared gold, it would be a merrier world”.   JRR Tolkein

These are challenging times and it could be said that we are all having to “think outside of the box”.

Myrtle's Kitchen Gift Box

So many small businesses and self-employed friends are really struggling to stay afloat and I am struggling with a personal battle. Is it right to be trying to sell product at this time versus the knowledge that if I don’t Myrtle’s will not survive? It’s a horrible dilemma and one that I am yet to get my head around.

So I tip toe onwards and a fab’ friend has suggested that our Myrtle’s Kitchen gift boxes might be what people need to give them a lift at the moment. Launched for Christmas 2019 and usually costing £18.95, for the time being they will retailing for the reduced amount of £15.80 and you are free to select the four jars that it contains. If looking for inspiration we suggest:

  • Gold Medal winning Orange Marmalade
  • 2 Star Great Taste Winning Chuckleberry Jam
  • 2 Star Great Taste Winning Mango Chutney
  • And our customer favourite, Worcester Warrior Chutney.


Click here to go straight to the gift box.

Gift Box Jars

If you prefer to make your own selection, either write your selection in the Comments box or buy the four individual jars and write “Gift Box” in the comments.

We can dispatch to separate addresses and if you want to send more than one box to more than one address, write Multiple address in the comments box and email us with the details. We will sort it out for you.

So stay well, stay strong, stay kind and let’s all look forward to the end of this terrible time.   Sending Lots of love

Jane x

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