10 Ways to Eat Chutney

Savour a generous spoonful, puree it and add it to salad dressing. There are lots of ways to enjoy chutney. Each chutney lends itself to some dishes more than others, we have suggestions on our products page as to what each chutney is most suited to (or you could taste each one for yourself!)
These are just a few ideas of how to enjoy our chutney even more!

1. Use alongside pork for a sausage roll filling. Add or better still put it inside your sausage roll before cooking them if you are making them yourself!
2. Serve it “IN” or with a grilled cheese sandwich. We recommend our Brewer’s for this! An alternative Herefordshire Rarebit.
3. Puree it and glaze roasted sweet potatoes or butternut squash or stir some into your roasted vegetables. The beetroot is lip smackingly good!
4. Add a dollop of the Worcester Warrior onto a burger or add it to a hot dog to make it even hotter.
5. Bake a Camembert, add chutney.
6. Serve alongside a cheese, cold meat and olive platter
7. Serve with your favourite curry – predictable, but so good.
8. Eat with smoked fish or pate on a cracker.
9. Puree and add to a salad dressing or mix with cream cheese to make a dip.
10. Add to a casserole to give the sauce a bit of body.


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